2009 China's Most Successful Designs Award Competition Now Begins

A really successful design should achieve business success ultimately.
A successful design is the fruit of intelligence, inspiration and passion; it is also the result of excellent strategy, processing and management.
2009 China's Most Successful Designs Award Competition is held by Shanghai International Creative Industry Week Organizing Committee, Shanghai Industrial Design Association, Shanghai Creative Industry Association, Shanghai Creative Industry Center, All Design Magazine and China Bridge International.
All winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony and participate in the dinner of opening ceremony on 2009 Shanghai International Creative Industry Week. The results will be announced on All Design Magazine, Official Website: http://www.designsuccess.cn/ (Under Construction) and CBI's website: http://www.shcbi.com/.
We have started collecting the design works!
The award is targeted at manufacturing and design companies from all over the world. All entries must be completed and appear on the Chinese market in 2009, or be scheduled to do so in 2010.
- There is no limit on the number of entries.
- Please complete the Application Form and return it to the Organizing Committee before August 10, 2009.
- After receiving your Application Form, the Organizing Committee will send you a Confirmation Letter and Entry Form.
- Please complete the Entry Form and return it, along with all relevant material, to the Organizing Committee before August 15, 2009. Material submitted should include:
* A full case description of Strategy, Process, and Results for each entry. This should be included on the Entry Form.
* No more than three JPEG images for each entry. Each image should be 300dpi in size with minimum dimensions of 9cmx13cm.
Deadline for Application
August 10, 2009


Deadline for Entry   
August 15, 2009


September, 2009


Winners Notified 
October, 2009


Award Ceremony and dinner party
October, 2009
October, 2009


The application fee for the 2009 China's Most Successful Designs Award is RMB2, 000 per entry.
- Home Appliances
- Communication & Entertainment
- Computer & Business Products
- Furniture and Lighting
- Household Products
- Sanitary Ware
- Industrial Products
- Sports Products
- Medical Products
- Monitoring Equipment
- Video and Audio Equipment
- Motorcars
- Commercial Transportation
- Mechanism
- Public Transportation
- Yacht
Visual Transmission
- Packaging Graphics
- Corporate Identity Programs
- Indicating System
- Game
- Webpage or interface
- Design of Books or Magazines
- Posters or Publicity Material
- Font Design
Apparel and Accessories
- Fashionable Accessories
- Costume (including functional dress)
- Bags and Luggage
- Interior Design
- Landscape Design
- Commercial Space
- Public Facilities
Award Ceremony
The grand ceremony will be held in Shanghai International Creative Industry Week 2009, showing achievements and honor of designers and companies to the media, the public and potential business partners.
There will be significant local and international media exposure for the winning designs. The Media Department of the Organizing Committee will issue a press release, which will be available to download for publicity purposes.
Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group will share corporate image and work's competitiveness with the community through TV media vigorously. In addition, hundreds of cooperative media and websites will report and reprint "2009 China's Most Successful Designs Award ".
Publicity in All Design Magazine
All Design Magazine which is hosted by Shanghai Creative Industry Association and Shanghai Industrial Design Association is a professional journal with a unique perspective of art and design. It aims at presenting excellent design and fashion trends, the interpretation of fashion, art, humanities, science and technology, construction and life.
The winners will be announced on All design Magazine. They will also present special interviews of the winning companies including illustrations and text descriptions. All winners will receive a copy.
Endorsement Mark
Once the results have been announced, the China's Most Successful Designs Award Endorsement Mark will be available to all award winners, and they will have the official right to describe themselves as winners of the China's Most Successful Designs Award.
After the results announced, every winner will receive a certificate.
Benefits Comparison
Looking forward for your Participation!
For more information please contact :
China's Most Successful Designs Award Organizing Committee
528 Kangding Rd, Building D, 2F
JingAn, Shanghai, China. 200040
TEL:            +86.21.5059.6066 ext.882 / 884
FAX:            +86.21.5059.6866
Email:        award@shcbi.com
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