Cathy Huang as Jury of SDN Service Design Award


On May 2019, the SDN (Service Design Networks) headquarters sent more good news: Kerry, co-chair of the SDN Service Design Award, invited the founder of CBi China Bridge Cathy Huang became the jury of the 2019 SDN Service Design Award. 

CBi China Bridge and SDN

Our partners who are familiar with CBi China Bridge all know that CBi China Bridge have a deep connection with SDN: in 2008, CBi China Bridge began to promote service design; 2012, CBi China Bridge introduced the Service Design Network for the first time to Global Service Jam, 2016, CBi China Bridge became SDN Shanghai SDN Shanghai Chapter; 2018, SDN Chairwoman Birgit Mager visited China, and headed straight to CBi China Bridge to participate in the Shanghai Designer Night *held every Wednesday; 2018, our partner Sissi Ren became the first certified master trainer at SDN China; 2019, CBi China Bridge successfully designed  platform joint with SDN and held the first Service Design Network China conference; this time, SDN Service Design Award required Cathy Huang to be the jury of the award… There will be more surprises to come in the near future! 

Years of Deep Cultivation Design

In 2003, Cathy Huang was invited to be the chairwoman of jury,iF Design Award. Cathy Huang, was the organizer of the China Design Awards for five consecutive years. Since then, she has been invited to serve as the chairwoman of the CottonTree Awards Jury, Pentawards, IDSA, core77, Spark Award, CCTV innovation festival and other dozens of domestic and international award jury.


Because we have seen many sides of many major international awards, in 2006, Cathy Huang and Fortune magazine was able to launch a successful design award. In the past 14 years, the award ceremony has always respected the Successful Design criteria: strategy, process, result. We want to be able to share ideas and co-create on an international level.

The 2019 Service Design Awards Award is divided into professional groups and student groups. The review takes an anonymous form, and all submitted materials need to avoid the exposure of institutions, universities, and customer brands.





Partners participating in this award must submit all application materials before 11:59 pm on June 7th . Click on the hyperlink to register. 

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