Cathy Invited as Chairwoman of COTTONTREE PRIZE


Cathy Huang attended a conference meeting on Aug. 30, 2006 as the Chairwoman of COTTONTREE PRIZE in Guangzhou.

With the aim to elaborately select, encourage local Chinese designers as well as their prominent works and to strengthen the international competitive edge of China original design, COTTONTREE PRIZE started to collect the entries early this year and will be officially announced in November. Other jurors include Johan Adam Linneballe, President CEO Scandinavian Branding A/S; Paul Ooherty, VP of Land Developmentand Home Production for K. Hovnaian Homes; Gianfranco Zaccai, Co-founder & President & CEO of Design Continuum; John Heskett, Chair Professor at the School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University; just to name some few. 

With its involvement in this initiative China Bridge International lives up to its name by creating links between the international and Chinese design communities creating relationships with can only develop and strengthen the industrial design industry in China.

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