CBi China Bridge serves as juror for the 2012 Core 77 Awards


CBi China Bridge traveled to Changsha City on July 8th to take part in the live

announcement of the winners of Core 77’s 2012 Design Awards competition.

CBi China Bridge, along with a panel of jurors from experienced and renowned design backgrounds, recognized the winning honorees from the “Equipment” category.

With a broad range of experience in design and business between them, Cathy, who has judged many renowned design awards, and the panel recognized 15 winning equipment designs submitted from `around the world.  Both professionals and students created the designs.

“I was amazed by the quality of design from the students as well as the professionals,” says Cathy.

The announcement was the first part of a 9day live, worldwide event that began in China and will end July 16th in

America.  A global and diverse panel of 74 design jurors from 8 countries participated in selecting the winners from 15 categories.

Having a firsthand look at the design awards allows CBi China Bridge to find inspiration in other designs and other designers,and to keep updated on cutting-edge design and innovation.  It also shows a trend towards international design competitions needing a distinctly Chinese point of view in design.

The announcements are streamed online at

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