CBi delivers speech at Design Research Conference in Chicago


For its 9th Annual Design Research Conference, Chicago’s IIT Institute of Design is gathering together the forerunners in international design research. It’s no surprise, then, that they called upon CBi to deliver a speech at the conference, which will be held from May 10 - 12 in the Windy City.

CBi’s founder Cathy Huang will take to the podium to share CBi’s experiences in design research in China with the audience of designers, researchers, students, business leaders and media. She will be joined by other international design research luminaries such as Tim Brown, the CEO and president of IDEO; Don Norman, the co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group; and Heather Fraser, the director of Rotman School of Management's Designworks and Design Initiative. Please click here to see More Speakers.

“The event will be a great opportunity for CBi to share the insight it has gained from its impressive achievements with the international design community,” said Cathy Huang. “The IIT Institute of Design’s philosophy - developing and teaching a more methodological and human-centered approach to design – dovetails with what we at CBi aim to bring to our clients and the wider design industry in China. This invitation to speak at the conference demonstrates CBi’s growing global reputation and success.”

The Design Research Conference is held every year by the Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) Institute of Design. The 2010 DRC will be held at the Spertus Institute in downtown Chicago.

This year’s conference is tasked with assessing where design research is headed, posing questions such as professional integrity, technology, communication, integration, and new markets. Questions include how can design research protect its professional integrity as it expands? What methods will new technologies allow and which methods will be swept away? How can design researchers communicate findings through experiences rather than reports? How do you ensure that research is truly integrated into the design process? And how do you conduct research in difficult environments?

For more, please kindly visit Design Research Conference 2010 .

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