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China Bridge London Office is coming soon

2018 is going to be a very important year for CBi China Bridge. We will continuously provide services like innovative advisory and innovation education and training curriculum. We will also celebrate establishment of CBi China Bridge for 15th anniversary and launch two new offices.

Mr. Cheng Ge, an interdisciplinary designer, joined CBi on 1st July, and he will take over the London office soon.

Cheng Ge has a mixed background in engineering, science, and art&design. He is the Master candidate of Service Design in Royal College of Art London, the world No.1 design school. Prior to the study, he used to be a senior innovative designer in Daimler China for 5 years. He has achieved The Master Degree of Automotive Design and Engineering in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and The Bachelor Degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Future mobility is a core business field which CBi have focused and explored in recent two years. For instance, CBi cooperated with one of big four auto manufactories to envision a portfolio of opportunities in autonomous driving and future car sharing. And highly effective outcome has been delivered.

Cheng Ge has rich experience in various practices including agriculture, education etc. In his most familiar mobility field, he involved design and innovation projects such as Mercedes-Benz F015 concept car, UISEE autonomous concept car debuted at CES 2017. He actively developed technology and invented solutions for not only for car occupants, but also for road occupants. He has submitted more than 10 inventions to National IP office. The accession of Cheng Ge will inject fresh and powerful strength for the expansion of CBi in the field of future mobility.  

When it comes the reason why Cheng Ge across disciplinary form science to engineering, and final to art&design. Cheng Ge said that due to his family are enthusiastic about art, such as music and drama, he was influenced by his parents and cultivated interests in art and design. He loved plane, car and train from his childhood, he had facsimiled the illustrations in the encyclopedia. When he studied in the school, although at the beginning he didn’t learn design, eventually he become a designer via his continuous efforts and preservation. He considers himself as non-artist practitioner. Thanks to his cross - boundary education background gives his all kinds of labels in his career development. For example, doctor, electrical engineer, vehicle designer, and service designer.

Why Cheng Ge willing to resign form Mercedes and peruse further study in RCA, what is most attractive thing of Service design for Cheng Ge.

Cheng Ge expressed that service design, which similar with another design practices, delivers delighting, beautiful and harmonious schemes with different assets, methods, and techniques. These schemes’ inspirations are all derived from thousands of users’stories. He likes discovering stories, because he could understand more about life.

Mercedes is a great company, not only gives him the opportunity to do a lot of decent projects and products, but also to allows him to work with the best team. He had learnt how to get the best case among market, brand, design, technology, cost, laws and regulations.

The sprout of service design also comes from the life in Daimler. But the beneficiaries of service design are not limited to cars or mobility users. It connects physical and virtual Spaces and takes on the relationship between people and things.

From his past design practices, he believes that design is a journey with emotion and rationale, and a creation with the right brain and the left brain. A lot of designers likes the moment that an inspiration occurs, as well as Cheng Ge. Every time inspiration of a service design work bursts out, he feels the brilliance of humanity.

Why Cheng Ge choose CBi, a kind of Creative design company rather than Part A company.

Cheng Ge said that innovation has horizontal and longitudinal aspects. Longitudinal innovation enables successful companies, in addition, horizontal innovation could boost legendary companies. CBi is a leader and catalyst in horizontal innovation.

Cheng Ge deemed that there are many differences between China and western world in the aspect of language, culture, policy and resource. For innovation, it’s a process of mutual learning and reference, it also is an improving process.

Furthermore, London office will also expand the business of CBi college overseas and provide innovative consulting services for Chinese enterprises in overseas development. Meanwhile, we will cooperate with London top design firms and academia to develop our design education project to expand our trainee’s horizon and enhance their strength.

The next office of CBi will be set up in Guangzhou, please wait and see.  

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