From the Chinese design platform to Victoria and Albert Museum in UK

February 2nd- February 6th, the president of CBI, Cathy Huang was invited by UK Trade & Investment to visit London. Cathy Huang not only gave a speech on the British Design Innovation Seminar, but also visit several top design companies and institutes in London. It is a rewarding trip for CBI and Chinese design industry as well.
February 5th, the British Design Innovation Seminar, organized by UK Trade & Investment, was held in Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A Museum). This museum is one of the world greatest art and design museums, which has 3 million top collections and was founded by Queen Victoria in 1852. Cathy Huang gave a speech to 150 audiences from London design industry in the Hochhauser Theatre of V&A Museum about how design benefit business in China, and received all kinds of compliments.
-I much enjoy your talk!
-I found it's very useful.
-Thanks for the constructive advice!
-I'm very impressed by what you have achieved
-I'm enlightened. Design and Innovation have never been more important for global economic development.
Many guest felt very impressive about the development of Chinese Design Industry and what CBI achieved. They were looking forward to know more about Chinese Design by working together with CBI.
Cathy Huang also visited several top design companies and institutes of London, and have great talks with their leaders about how to manage design and make benefits from design in different culture and economic background of East and West. The companies and institutes include: Interior Motive, Symourpowell, Tangerine, Plan design, Design Council and Design Business Association (DBA).
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