Core77 Design Awards Judged


As the Core77 Design Awards judging process comes to a close, we’re very happy to have been able to work with our partners to help us judge all the impressive entries in the Service Design category. It is great to see that Service Design is becoming such a popular topic because a well-designed and considered service is such a good way to bring value and improve people’s lives.

Our partners, located in various places in the world, brought different cultural perspectives to the table, but all spoke a common language of design:


Martha Cotton from gravitytank

Adam Lawrence from WorkPlayExperience

Luis Arnal from Insitum

While we can’t discuss the results just yet (the results will be announced in early June,) we were all impressed with many of the professional and student entries. These entries effectively utilized the design tools and methods to consider all the stakeholders, current technologies, different perspectives, and emphasized iterative approach, which can be quite challenging in a service context. 

Some projects were impressive in how they empowered people by giving them a voice that allowed them to become a part of a co-designed solution. While other proved that companies are indeed paying attention to improving the customer experience. We also saw teams that were eager to utilize newest technology, while others used a more low-tech approach, with both methods being quite effective in their specific contexts. Considering implementation from the very start made for entries that were ready for action as change makers and not “destined to land in a desk drawer.”

We can’t wait for the results to come out so that we can share more details!

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