Designing Shanghai 2012


Techies, designers and business gather together to explore user experience and face the challenge of “social inclusion”.

China Bridge, along with other leading design consultancies such as Continuum, IDEO and frog, had the opportunity to share their methodology, approach and insights. Drawing from their experience, they helped guide the crowd in understanding human focused design and how to apply it to real world problems.

The afternoon workshop was jam packed with excitement as experienced leaders helped facilitate 10 teams to research and design solutions for five social challenges.    Embarking on a city-wide research process, teams applied their knowledge to discover insights to ideate and prototype solutions.

In just a few hours, teams shared their insights, ideas and solutions to the eager crowd. Ranging from the actionable to the down-right whacky, the groups were able to deliver a wide range of possibilities to inspire the crowd of passionate enthusiasts imagine a better world.

Download the Designing Shanghai brochure to see the challenges discussed.

Click here to download a copy of China Bridge’s presentation.


Designing shanghai part of the Techyizu organization. Techyizu is a Shanghai-based volunteer-driven organization and staunch supporters of the China startup and tech community. Techyizu organizes community events such as BarCamp Shanghai and Demo Day for anyone with a passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and social innovation.


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