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This month CBi China Bridge is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This decade has been an extremely eventful one for us, to say the least. We have had our moments of successes and disappointments; fortunately, our list of achievements is visibly longer than that of latter. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated staff members, remarkably helpful business partners, and extraordinarily cooperative clients, a company that started with just 3 people employs more than 30 exceptional individuals today. Most importantly, our growth has not marginalized our culture. We perceive this organization as a family, a belief that has been the driving force behind the success of China Bridge through all these years.

A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the design industry of China. Being a research and insight based company, we envisioned to bridge the gap between business and design. We take pride in the fact that, even after 10 years, we are on course to realize our vision. Our success has not quenched our thirst for more. Today, we feel more enthusiastic than ever regarding the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead on our path.

At this milestone in our history, we want to take a moment to review our accomplishments, some of which are likely to be well known to you, others might not be. The list of our achievements is a source of inspiration and a motivation for us to move forward, therefore, in our opinion it’s worth sharing with our partners, clients and readers:

  • We have successfully completed 150 projects and cases in 26 industries, and conducted in-depth interviews with 1200 customers.
  • We have delivered 112 lectures in 22 countries and inspired10,000+ young designers.
  • We have served as juror for 13 awards in the industry.
  • We have been featured in 56 news stories and articles.
  • We worked with The library Project, a nonprofit organization, to redesign its business strategy- an endeavor that impacted lives of over 200,000 children in China.
  • Our president, Cathy Huang, was one of 14 honorees of 2012 China’s “Women to watch”.
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