Give the world a reason to use smart watches


"The smart wearable device tide has come." said Mr. Gu Xiaobin, GEAK CEO.

On June 17, 2013, GEAK launched their smart watch. Samsung, Sony and Apple are also entering the market. With the gradual popularization of wearable hardwaredemand for software applications will also be on the rise.Therefore, GEAK decided to host the first developer contest for intelligent wearable devices. It kicked off on January 12, 2014 in Shanghai. Cathy Huang, president of China Bridge and other guests were invited to discuss the future development of smart wearable devices with Mr. Gu Xiaobin, GEAK CEO.
As GEAK CMO Tao mentioned, smart watches are an up and coming market. The industry has great potential, but applications are extremely scarce. “We should give users more applications to improve the future development of smart watches”. As a leading brand in this field,GEAK is taking the lead in releasing the first software storefor smart watch. It invited the best third party software developers to develop the intelligent software.

Meanwhile, during the fast paced development of smart watches, we should also pay close attention to market opportunities, demand and seek in-depth insight about user experience. Cathy Huang said, “Successful design must be based on people-oriented concept.” Developers should focus on the needs and experience of customers so that the product can truly meet market demand. She believes that smart watches can be built into a luxury brand,cooperating with the existing brand fashionto create functional and fashionable smart watches, which will inevitably bring new market breakthroughs.

In conclusion, the future of innovation in the field wear behavior must be close to market requirements.It is believed that we can give the world a reason to use smart watches in the future.


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