Improve your creative thinking with CBi China Bridge's public KAI workshop


Join our workshop open to Chinese speakers introducing the KAI method, that will help you understand your preferred thinking style and to think creatively in March 9 in Shanghai.

We believe everyone is smart in their own way, but so are their competitors. When people are in the same industries, they are likely to have read most of the same textbooks, charted similar career paths, and followed the same basic work processes. Therefore, when confronted with a problem or challenges, most people are likely to take the same approach if they rely on their education and experience alone. It is the ability to think creatively, to share those ideas with others, and to implement those ideas that gives individuals and teams a competitive edge- an edge that could even mean survival in the marketplace.

The KAI (Kirton Adaptation Innovation) workshop uses strong research in the field of psychometric measurement to provide a forum where the participants identify their preferred thinking style. Understanding style helps them gain deeper insights into the ways they approach problem solving, decision-making, creativity, and change in their day to day interactions with the world around them.


Sign up today as places are limited. For registrations, please contact Sara Liu at or 13816123550.Costs are 800 RMB per person, and 600RMB when registering 3 or more people at the same time.

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