KAI workshops now available in Chinese from CBi China Bridge


CBi's hugely popular KAI training workshops are now available in Chinese as well as English.

Ms. Lillian Zhao, customer care and training assistant, will join Ms. Debbie Delaneyto become CBi's second KAI-accredited trainer, and the only qualified person delivering KAI workshops in Mandarin on the Chinese mainland.

Lillian, who became a member of the CBi learning team last year, completed her KAI training accreditation in the US this summer. She has over 17 years' experience working across a wide variety of roles in a multi-national corporation where she developed an in-depth understanding of cross-cultural working practices.

The Kirton Adaptation Innovation (KAI) method uses psychometric testing to help people identify their preferred thinking style, and understand how to use this to maximize their creative potential.
Workshops involve a combination of exercises, presentations, group discussions and the examination of the psychometric instrument's results to gain deeper insights into ways to approach problem solving, decision-making, creativity, and to positively change day to day interactions with the world.

Both design and non-design professionals from multinationals and local companies have already benefited from CBi's KAI workshops.

CBi will host a public KAI workshop (Chinese Version) in December. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Sara Liu (sara.liu@shcbi.com) or Lotta Ygartua (lotta.ygartua@shcbi.com).

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