Manic riffing on a theme : Global Service Jam 2012 - Shanghai, China


Exhausting, exhilarating and inspirational. Those were some of the feelings expressed by the 36 participants in the Shanghai leg of the Global Service Jam, having spent 48 hours in a whirlwind of creativity, riffing on a theme to come up with brand new services from scratch.

Covering a wide spectrum of experience and skills, the jammers met at the offices of CBi China Bridge on Friday afternoon, where they got into the swing of the weekend ahead through informal presentations and team-building exercises.

At 6:30 pm, the mystery theme on which their designs were to draw inspiration from was revealed - Hidden Treasure. After some frenetic brainstorming and pitching of ideas, five teams were formed, ready to get down to some seriously fun creativity over the next two days.

The Global Service Jam is an annual event hosted simultaneously at locations around the world, aimed at bringing together design and service professionals and anyone else with a keen interest in service design. Participants are given just two days to bring into being a completely new service design proposal, which will then be shared online under a creative commons license.

This year’s event involved 2,061 jammers registered from 85 cities in almost 40 countries worldwide - many of them hosting Jams for the first time. Together, they created nearly 350 brand new service designs.

The Shanghai event saw five teams formed - “Knot”, “Artisano”, “Dream Makers”, “Tufang” and “The Cookie Pirates”, covering 11 nationalities. On hand were expert mentors to bounce off ideas and offer assistance to the jammers should they need it.

Having spent an intense weekend in each other’s company, the jammers met up for a hard-earned drink at Belgian beer bar Kaiba on Sunday afternoon, where their final designs were presented and awards meted out.

Feedback was very positive, with the jammers having formed intense links forged in the fire of a two-day creative blowout. Many said it had been inspirational working with new people in such a free flowing environment, and that they had learned a lot about themselves, made new friends and had an exhilarating time.

This year’s event was hosted by CBi China Bridge, an innovation-based design research firm based in Shanghai. Cathy Huang, founder of CBi, said: “This weekend has been more successful than we could have imagined, not least due to the openness and the enthusiasm of those who took part, plus all the people who offered their time and expertise to support this event. By far the most rewarding thing has been seeing the jammers, most of whom had never met before, bond so quickly and work so hard together to brainstorm ideas and then follow them through to a final deliverable design. It’s been an honor hosting the event, and we are all looking forward to next year’s jam.”


Notes for the editor

Jury Panel:
-Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industries promotion leading group office
 Lu Tan 路坦
-Shanghai Creative Industries Demonstration and Service Platform, Vice director
 Wang le yi 王乐毅
-Jing’an District Commission of commerce, Director
 Ma ying hui 马颖慧
-ForbesChina,Deputy Editor
 Kang Jian 康健
-L'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique - China Campus, General Secretary
Marc Rambaud  马克
-TEKTAO Urban Design Consulting, Senior Researcher
Francesca Valsecchi
-CBi China Bridge, Founder and President
Cathy Huang 黄蔚
-CBi China Bridge, Managing director
Rudy Wimmer
-CBi China Bridge, Principle Consultant
Debbie Delaney
- CBi China Bridge, Design Consultant
Chongbei Song 宋崇蓓
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