Mobile Inspiration, the New Book by Cathy Huang Published!


New book in the New Year! 

Mobile Inspiration, the first book ever in China recording the change of mobile phone form and market trends, was published in January, 2007. It's not difficult to find Cathy Huang, the author's thoughts and perception on design management through the book.

Prof. Liu Guanzhong, the Tutor of Doctoral Degree of Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University wrote a preface for this book in person and many other celebrities in design field contributed their comments to this book. Just like Benny Ding Leong, the Discipline Co-coordinator of Industrial Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University remarked:

"Mobile handset market in China today is massive but chaotic. Where we have seen enormous 'low touch' designs and numbers of faked brands flooding into it...One should question where are the mobile industry is going in China and when will the 'low cost' advantage and tactic burn off those mobile phone companies' future. Perhaps, the book "Mobile inspiration" is just published in a good time to offer us good 'foods' for thoughts."
---- Benny Ding Leong,  Lab Leader, Asian Lifestyle Research & Design Lab. Deputy Leader, Industrial & Product Design, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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