Next Step For Chinese Traditional Handcrafts


On November 24th, the first Chinese Handcraft Artwork Event & the Innovation forum kicked off in Shanghai, at The Bund. This event has 100 years’ history. It perfectly integrated the tradition, art and fashion and matched the theme of “China Dream” . This event is hosted by EMBA visiting professor Ms You Ke from Donghua University. Cathy Huang, the founder and president of CBi China Bridge was invited as Forum guests together with Mr Fan Mingsan (Expert on folklore & Preceding Ethnic Craft Pavilion Principle) and Mr Yao Shifeng (President of Fortune Character). Cathy shared her insight and thoughts about the future development of Chinese traditional handcrafted artwork.

Cathy said Chinese Handcraft Artwork is the quintessence of Chinese 5000 years’ history. Inheritance and development is modern people’s incumbent responsibility. There are two challenges we confronted. First of all, there are few talents in this field. In the marketing economy, the traditional handcraft art appeal less and less to Chinese young people. The serious deficiency of core talents and how to cultivate more talented people has become the deep concerns. The second challenge is the conservative minded inheritor. They only cared about inheritance while not caring about development. The traditional handcraft should be more than inherited, but also be combined with existing marketing economy and environment to realize its sustainable development.

How does one conquer these challenges and realize the long-term inheritance and development for traditional handcraft artwork? As Cathy pointed out, the handcraft should be innovated, go to market and realize internationalization. The international brand should be built. It has to be more than just technological creation, but also innovate in forms and function. Modern people are desperate to get rid of the material world and return to the nature so that they can lead an exquisite and delicate life. Increasing people are willing to express their own personality, taste and identity with their handcraft artworks. That’s why handcraft should throw away the stereotype of being only watched but not played. They will go into people’s real life. To prosper the traditional handcraft industry, fashion elements and creativity should be injected while art and application value should also be considered.

As the leading consulting company, CBi China Bridge consistently support assisting the traditional brand. CBi China Bridge is honored be included as one of the Mater Studios in Shanghai. They will help Shanghai’s traditional brands to realize their innovative development with their 10 years’ innovation and researching experience.

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