SDN Shanghai 2018 1st Committee Meeting


On March 28th, SDN Shanghai Committee had the 2018 1st executive meeting in Shanghai. Committee members gathered together to review achievements last year and foresee the challenges and opportunities in 2018 and the future.


In “Recapture of 2017” session, committee members shared about their practices in service design and commitments to SDN in 2017. SDN Shanghai chaired a close door summit with influential companies like Alibaba and TANG to make greater impact. In market education part, to promote service design, SDN Shanghai have completed events like Global Service Jam and Master Class. In public communication part, we gave a keynote in ZAOJIU Talk, the Chinese TED with 500 million influencers.


All the members presented their experiences and insights in promoting service design: Alibaba have upgraded service design model for new retailing; CBi China Bridge have developed a series of course on educating service design for public sector as well as private sector, including healthcare, finance and public service.


In the end, SDN Shanghai announced to host the committee event every two months, to exchange Shanghai members’ experience alongside global SDN members’ best practices.


Let’s expect more monumental moments of SDN Shanghai in 2018, and welcome other innovative leaders to join in SDN Shanghai to build a better future.