Training for PATAC,Shanghai GM


- Subject 1: Where do design inspirations come from and how to visualize them?

Lecturer: Prof. Bumsuk Lim, ArtCenter College of Design

On Aug. 26, 2005,upon the requirement from PATAC (Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center), CBI tailored a 3-day workshop together with Mr. Bumsuk Lim, professor of Transportation Design Industrial Design Dept. of ArtCenter College of Design. The workshop focused on transportation design inspiration and form development, covered P.P. of ArtCenter's student work samples, basic sketching demos, research lecture and one-on-one instructions.

The workshop was well-received and after-class feedback showed that the inter-active teaching method were effective and latest design information and trend analysis were of great help to the participants.

Professor Bumsuk Lim himself also had high comments on CBI's operation. "CBI understands the industry so well that it can deliver such smooth and professional service to client. Well-done! I am convinced that there is more opportunity on post-graduate program and other projects for ArtCenter and CBI in the near future."

- Subject 2: Traditional Chinese Culture and Modern Design

Lecturer: Prof. Liu Guanzhong, Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University

Sept.6~7, 2005, Prof. Liu Guanzhong featured at PATAC's training program. With the major focus on the research methods of Chinese ancient design, Prof. Liu illustrated how creativity can come out from Chinese characters and ancient arts.

"A very impressive course!" -- Participant of PATAC training program


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