The world's first innovation union for fast growth markets launched

Innovation consulting firms in China, India and Latin America have joined forces to form the Innovation Union, an alliance offering highly-integrated innovation and research services and know-how for global Fortune 500 companies. Behind this initiative stands CBi China Bridge (China), INDI (India) and Insitum (Latin America).

Companies looking to prosper in fast-growing economies are finding that local knowledge and tailored offerings are indispensable for success. Partners of the Innovation Union will utilize their strengths and strong local and global perspectives to understand complex, challenging and fast-growing markets like Brazil, Mexico, India and China.

With local firms in these markets as members, the Innovation Union makes it much easier for an organization to carry out global projects, guarantees an in-depth understanding of the market provided by local teams, and ensures a standardized quality of work and deliverables. 

These qualities are especially important for both global companies and local firms who are expanding into fast-growing economies that are new to them. There is more and more evidence that Chinese, Indian and Latin American multinationals fare much better than companies from developed countries when entering new fast-growing markets.

“We chose to use the term “fast-growing” rather than “emerging” to refer to these markets, as China, India and Latin America have already emerged,” said Cathy Huang, Founder and President of CBi China Bridge. “These are all dynamic markets that offer great business opportunities for companies who understand how to leverage their advantages, and this is what the Innovation Union can help with.” 

All three founding partners of the alliance share similar structures, capabilities, corporate cultures and clients. The alliance will have a combined workforce of 135 consultants and 14 partners. All bring in-depth local knowledge and experience working across global markets, and are all highly-regarded participants in the international innovation community.
CBi China Bridge (
China’s first insight-based innovation and design strategy firm. For over 8 years, CBi has been supporting leading companies with design research used to gain meaningful insights and develop innovation and design strategies for China, as well as enabling organizations through innovation and design management training. Acting as a bridge for partners and clients, CBi has been creating success through insight, innovation and design. Today, CBi China Bridge has 30+ consultants and offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

INDI ( )

INDI is an international brand, design and innovation consultancy based in India. INDI helps in creating, managing and communicating your brand. Additionally, INDI has become increasingly involved in management consulting, organizational design, and design of products, services, environments and digital experiences. Based in Pune (near Mumbai), INDI has 20 consultants and handles projects in various parts of India.

Insitum ( )

Insitum is an international innovation consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 companies discover insights, envision opportunities and develop solutions focused around new products, services, brands, processes and strategies. We specialize in Latin American and the US Hispanic markets from our offices in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Insitum has 85 consultants and offices in Chicago (US), Mexico City (Mexico), Bogotá (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and São Paulo (Brazil).

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