Ghent & Howest Universities Explore China


It is a great honored to be a first stop on these student’s tour of China, we nearly always embrace the opportunity to share some our thoughts about how innovation and service design is evolving in China, and how the roles of designer are truly evolving quickly.


When 65 future shapers and game changers jump on a plane, travel all the way to Shanghai from Ghent University and HOWEST University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen) Howest Industrial Design Center, it is clear sign that these schools understand the potentially important role China will play in their futures, we hope this trip is a transformative one. 


We also admire the efforts and foresight it takes to facilitate such a great experience for these Designers and Engeeners, who will shape the future. Many thanks to Katrijn Sabbe, Ronald Bastiaens, Olivier Rysman to organize the trip, and the BOX OF CHOCOLATE!!!


It’s always exciting to make international connections.Our visitors kindly left us a heartfelt parting gift - a box of Belgian chocolates as they did last time in 2012&2013.


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