Strategy into action

Defining Strategies

Taking insights into account, we define the types of experience that need to be created, changed or improved for your customers and end users.

Product Innovation

Innovation pipelines, design strategy and portfolio planning

We guide our clients through their journey to develop new products and service offerings by setting tools and strategies around portfolio planning, design management and innovation pipelines.

When needed, we might even re-interpret the way how they see and operate their business through business model Innovation.

Product Innovation is our way of bringing to life a customer's centric approach to new product development – that benefits both your customers and your company.

Innovation Culture

Sparking the innovation within.

We firmly believe that innovation can and needs to also come from within your organization. We inspire, coach and audit innovation teams to help them explore and go beyond their traditional approach and think differently.

“Five elements of innovation”
Our signature tool, it's based on traditional Chinese elements combined with modern management concepts to help our clients understand innovation across their organization, learn from each other and share strategies, tactics and skills.

Working with real teams and real projects
We believe in learning by doing. Complementary to co-creation and workshop session, we work side by side with your in-house team running actual projects that deliver real results through longer term engagements and support.

Brand Experience

People want relevant content and authentic experiences in their life.

By setting directions on where and how to connect brands, products and people, we help organizations better engage their customers meaningful interactions across different touch points.

A brand is no longer defined by what it says but by what it does.

China Strategy

Adjusting Global views and developing "China Fit" engagements

Being a Chinese company, we know that in order to succeed in this market organizations must fit within a diverse range of needs and expectations from different types of local customers.

From Global to Local
For companies operating on a global scale, there is no "one size fits all". We help you define China Fit engagements to accommodate market needs and better position you for success.

Local Lens
Focusing on China, we understand the business reality and embedded cultural values.

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