Challenge = Opportunity

Discovering Opportunities

When challenged to improve results, drive growth and invest in Innovation and Design, we believe answering the right questions is a key first step.

Through contextual research and market sensing we discover where and why gaps, problems and unmet needs influence your ability to deliver intended value.

Consumer Lab

Understanding where and why to make meaningful changes

Uncovering consumer needs and pain points is the very first step of any innovation, no matter whether it is about new products, new services, new market campaigns or new brands.

The dynamic created by a single user or by a small group of well-chosen users, when guided by a skilled moderator or facilitator in a Consumer Lab, can help a company or brand to collect valuable,first-hand information. This can include personal accounts of experiences, opinions, attitudes and perceptions, offer deep insights into themes, patterns and trends, or contribute to the creation of concepts and prototypes for testing, validation and refinement.

For more information of Consumer Lab please click the following link: Consumer Lab Introduction

Industry Foresight

Leveraging emerging trends and technologies to create a leadership position in the marketplace.

Looking toward the future, we help you discover how industries, technology and consumers are changing.

Knowing how to leverage the impact that these emerging trends will have on your business is the basis of what we call Foresight.



Experience Audit

Zooming in on the customer journey and its different touch points, we capture customers interactions with your brand, products, and services.

To improve or re-invent your customer experience around services and products in China you need to understand how these customers view and value each touch point in their journey. We have created a highly collaborative and transformative experience that delivers instant value and direction for your company. We will help your team develop and align around the customers’ journey which allow them to understand where gaps and opportunities for improvement exists to better align the experience with your brand values and service or product value proposition.

Gain alignment across all departments
Through deep understanding how customers interact with your company at all levels and where you're exceeding or falling short of customer expectations.

Identify and prioritize hidden and unmet customer needs
Gain clarity as to where and why to invest in improvements or innovation.

Create key metrics for monitoring and accountability
To measure gains resulting from improvements and justify future action steps and justification for investments. 



Problem Framing

Working together to correctly identify the problems that need to be solved and aligning early, before vast amounts of money and efforts are being spent on short-term fixes or solving the wrong problems.

To do so, we facilitate collaborative sessions with key stakeholders to help scope the real problems, gain focus, create momentum and produce a sense of shared purpose while allowing everyone to collaborate on a solution.

Knowledge Gathering
Identify gaps between known, unknown and assumptions within your organization and focusing on what we don't know.

Synthesis Workshops
Critically review and integrate the insights and findings.

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