5 Elements Theory introduced at Hong Kong symposium


CBi China Bridge recently attended the Tsinghua-DMI International Design Management Symposium in Hong Kong, where CBi China Bridge founder Cathy Huang gave a keynote speech and presentation.

Running under the theme “Design Management: Towards a New Era of Development,” the three-day event, held from December 3, gathered together renowned international design experts to share their experience in innovation, strategic design management, integration of design and advanced technology.  

Ms Huang's speech gave delegates an overview of the “5 Elements of design” theory, which CBi China Bridge developed and uses to inform its unique design strategy development and implementation for clients.

Workshops and presentations also took place, at which attendees discussed a range of issues in the China design landscape.

Other respected experts who joined Ms Huang on the roster of speakers included:

Cai Jun— Director of the design research laboratory at Tsinghua University;

CHUNG Kyung Won— Professor of KAIST, Former CDO of Seoul Metropolitan Government;

Duncan Trevor-Wilson— Global design manager for asia pacific , GE Healthcare;

Hagen Fendler— Chief design director for handsets at Huawei;

Kenji Ekuan— Senator of the world's industrial design association (ICSID), President of the Japan design institute Chairman of the world design organization and Japan GK design group;

KAN Tai-Keung— Member of Alliance Graphique Internationale ;

LEE Kun Pyo— Head/Executive Vice President , Corporate Design Center , LG Electronics;

Luo Zhongrong — Board chairman of Hong Kong design center;

Richard Kelly— Director, IDEO Asia Pacific;

Thomas Lockwood— Founding Partner , Lockwood Resource;

Zheng Shuyang— Deputy dean, professor, doctoral student adviser, director of the art design division , academy of fine arts ,Tsinghua university.

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