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Innovation and Branding have been hot topics for quite some time now, and each one has its own set of challenges. Combining the two – Branding Innovation – is even more difficult, especially for larger players that tend to be better at execution than innovation.

Branding Magazine asked the new generation of brand innovators, including our Partner and Executive Creative DirectorFrancisco Porras and Vivian JinDesigner and Partner at Successful Design, our sister company, how they define brand innovation and what they think are the biggest obstacles and opportunities for brands.



“In this digital age, it’s easy to build connections with people from different walks of life and who have different strengths. Bringing together people with all sets of skills to co-create, co-design, co-produce all sorts of projects can lead to amazing results.” 

 - Vivian Jin, Designer and Partner at Successful Design

“In our case, we see brand innovation as part of a bigger quest of improving the overall customer experience. It could be delivering a better product experience, defining more relevant communication messages, or creating more engaging touch-points. Brand innovation can really be as open as your definition of brand.”

- Francisco Porras, Partner and Executive Creative Director at CBi China Bridge 


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