CBI Attended Experts Committee Sodality of Shanghai Normal University


On Jan.7, 2005, Cathy Huang attended Experts Committee Sodality of Exhibition Management Dept. of Shanghai Institute of Tourism, Shanghai Normal University. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Yu Lizhong, President of Shanghai Normal University. Experts attended the solidarity include top officials and managers from Bureau of Shanghai World Expo., China Council for the Promotional of International Trade, Convention & Exhibition Companies as well as scholars from educational circles. They held intensive discussion on various topics such as fostering of exhibition talents and cooperation between colleges and enterprises on running a school together.

Mr. Huang Yaocheng, Deputy Director of General Bureau of Shanghai World Expo. remarked on the symposium as follows: Exhibition is an innovation industry. Shanghai should be targeted to be the hub in exhibition in Asian areas.

Mr. Cheng Xianjin, President of Shanghai World Expo Group Co., Ltd., said: The trend of the world exhibition is eastwards and northwards. In other words, the trend is from Europe to China and from Southeast Asia to China. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to start exhibition a new major in the higher learning. It is urgent to catch the focus, tackle the difficulties and grasp the chance at present stage.

As the first Design Management Consulting Company in China, CBI is dedicated to build bridges between China and international design resources. It aims to connect innovation industry and culture exchange, management and organization of design projects, perspective reflected in comprehensive services and its implementation. Such interdisciplinary integrations are what most needed in current China exhibition industry and shall be a trend in the years to come.


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