CBI attended Shanghai Design Biennial


Shanghai Design Biennial was held in Shanghai Exhibition Center from Sept. 16 to 18, 2004. The event consists of exhibition, conference, forum and seminars. Among the participants of the International Design Innovation Exhibition are French Design Promotion Agency with selected 57 products awarded "bserveur du Design 2004", Ambrosius Messebau, Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, Shanghai Metropolitan Industrial Design Platform, and various international and domestic design firms, associations and art and design colleges. About 60 experts from France, Germany, Britain, Italy, America, Japan and China give presentations on International Design Conference, World Expo and Design Forum and eight seminars addressing design management, design and international property rights protection, urban design, jewelry design, multi-media design, design education and training and display design respectively.

CBI participated Shanghai Design Biennial both as co-organizer and exhibitor. As member of the expert committee, CEO Cathy Huang gave her speech entitled "Managing Design for Business Success" on Design Management Seminar and was favorably received by audiences. Cathy Huang also had discussion with other members of the expert committee including Anne Marie Boutin, president and founder of the French Design Promotion Agency (APCI), Philippe Picaud, Design Director for Decathlon, and Hartmut Esslinger, Founder & co-CEO of Frog Design. Lee D. Green (Director of Corporate Identity and Design for IBM, Bruce Claxton, (President of IDSA and Director of Design Integration for MOTOROLA), and Richard Kong (Director of DesignworksUSA, Inc., BMW Group Company) also visited CBI.

Translated and edited by Cathy Huang and editorial advisory board, the newly published book "Managing Design for Business Success: Readings & Case Studies on Design Management" on sale during the exhibition was warmly received.






Expert Commission

Anne Marie Boutin
President and founder of the French Design Promotion Agency (APCI)
Mr. Zheng Shiling
the Academician of the Academy of Sciences of China
Mr. Shi Dinghuan
the Counsellor for State Council, Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology
Philippe Picaud
Design Director for Decathlon
Mr. Shen Jie
currently the Inviting Executive Art Director and Visual Art Consultant of Shanghai Media Group.
Jens Hilgenstock
Advisor in Design Strategies, jk+klein brand management consultant
Cathy Huang
Founder and CEO of China Bridge International (CBI)
Mr. Qian Pingji
Professor and Dean of Art Design Department, Shanghai Xinqiao Institute
Prof. Andreas Theilig
Member of the board of Kauffmann Theilig & Partner Co,.Ltd
Gao Zhongyu
Professor of Art School, Tsinghua University
Liu Weiya
Deputy General Secretary of China Packaging Technology Association
Liu Guanzhong
Professor of Art School, Tsinghua University
Zhao Jianghong
Professor of Design Art School, Hunan University
Chang Qing
PHD in Architecture, Dean and Professor of Architecture Department, Tongji University
Mr. Cheng Zhixing
Director of Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration
Lee D. Green
Director, Corporate Identity and Design for IBM
Mr. Shao Longtu
Chairman of Shaw & Shaw Advertisement Co., Ltd., Senior Member of ICADA
Yoshinori Katagami
CEO of Design Center, Toshiba Corpration,Principal Office
Alberto Cannetta
Italian architect
Mr. Yin Zhengsheng
Professor and Dean of Architecture and Urban Planning School
Mr. Lu Xiaochun
Director of Shanghai Laofengxiang Jewelry Research Institute
Mr. Zhang Tong

Director of China Industrial Design Association, Professor and Dean of Design Department, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Esslinger
Designer, Founder & co-CEO of Frog Design Inc
Huang Yaocheng
Vice Director of Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination
Ma Chundong
Dean and professor of Dalian Nationalities University
Wang Jicheng
Dean and Professor of Mechanical Engineering school, Donghua University
Zhao Zuoliang
Senior Designer of Shaw & Shaw Advertisement Co., Ltd.
Min Wang
Professor of Graphic Design at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)


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