CBi China Bridge’s Cathy Huang at DESIS 2013 symposium: Design & Agriculture

On March 3rd, the DESIS symposium on Design & Agriculture was held at the Sino-Finnish Centre of Tongji University, Shanghai. Cathy was invited to present her current insights on China’s agriculturally based societies at the symposium.
Document No.1 of the Central Government (The first document Chinese central government issued including the most critical problems craving to be resolved annually) is a burning issue that requires the attention of the design industry on phenomenon of agricultural societies. Cathy shared CBi’s a research project on possible prevention of blindness in rural elderly populations, enabling more elderly to benefit from this humanitarian screening-to-surgery system to ultimately decrease the unnecessary blindness.
CBi China Bridge has always been committed to creating social benefits by employing design and research expertise. We strive to benefit broader social groups by continuously improving our services.
Wen Tiejun, Dean of Agriculture & Rural Development Academy, Renmin University of China, and an expert on agricultural-based economics, attended this symposium. The vice dean of Tongji University Wu Zhiqiang opened the symposium with an insightful speech. Cathy’s moving and personal presentation generated excitement from these leading figures, who spoke highly of her contribution to the industry.


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