China Bridge invited to Job Fair held by HULT

On 17th July, the renowned Hult International Business School held it's first job fair in Shanghai, aiming to build a bridge between MBA students and Shanghai enterprises. China Bridge was invited to the job fair and received a lot of interest from the students.
Teachers and students at Hult were actually already familiar with China Bridge as a leading design consulting company. In June this year, Hult's President and MBA students visited China Bridge to exchange key points of business success with China Bridge’s President, Cathy Huang. 
At the job fair, the China Bridge team introduced the company's breakthrough achievements, research methods and concepts from its ten years of experience in the industry. This attracted much interest from the different job applicants. One of applicants said excitedly, “I am interested in innovation in design that runs on good business models. I can see the link between design and business at China Bridge and thus believe I would find my ideal position there” 
With a multi-cultural leadership and staff, China Bridge welcomes international talents from various fields to ignite sparks of wisdom together our team.
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