Engaging Customers through Co-Creation


How can companies develop new products, services, and experiences that their customers desire and need?

The inside-out approach of developing products and services internally and expecting customers to buy them no longer work in the hyper-connected world. You need to have a very deep understanding of what your customers really value and need, but even that knowledge isn’t enough anymore. The Chinese consumers of today want to be engaged and empowered to take part in creating solutions that give them real value and help them get the job done. 

They want to co-create with the brands they feel connected to.

What is Co-Creation

Co-creation is a collaborative activity between diverse groups of people where the outcome is not known in advance. It helps to turn passive consumers into active participants in the design and development of personalized products, services, and experiences. The co-creation that takes place between companies and their customers has the potential to create value for everyone involved.

What is needed

Co-creation process is all about leveraging diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives of various groups. Your internal experts from various departments and main stakeholders, external experts, and your customers work alongside with CBi designers and facilitators to solve business or customer challenges.

The flexible layout of the co-creation space at CBi allows it to be adapted to various needs and workshops. We also utilize internal and external tools and methodologies to help and guide everyone through the process in English and Mandarin. 

The process is designed to allow:

  • Collaboration between diverse groups of people: company experts, stakeholders, customers, innovation and subject matter experts
  • Tools and methods that bring out creativity and collaborative solution finding
  • Joint problem definition (not just joint problem solving) assures value and buy-in from everyone involved
  • Providing channels for continued dialogue and conversation
  • Focusing on the customer experience, not just products and services
  • Focusing on the overall experience, not just a single touch-point


The whole nature of the process means that the value of co-creation is in co-creating the value itself. As firms engage their customers, and customers engage their brands both stakeholders are asking, listening, observing, and experimenting together. They are learning and gaining value from each other, and better understanding what each other’s needs and wants are.

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