To enhance the value of the traditional brands with innovation design


Recently, the rector of Kolding School of Design, previous Danish Minister of Culture, Committee member of Design 2020, Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen visited China Bridge and discussed with our president Cathy Huang about the impact of innovation design on the development of the traditional brands.

As a famous design school in Denmark, Kolding School of Design has provided innovative services for many international well-known enterprises, carried out a long-term cooperation with Tongji University in China and have extensive experiences in the innovation of traditional brands. 

With the continuous development of consumer groups and consumer demand, the traditional old brands are caught in a dilemma of changing and unchanging. Invariability can make these brands maintain the original marketing feature, but they can’t follow the new marketing pattern. On the other hand, change will bring with it a risk.

“Time-honored brands should keep their distinguishing features and explore the new marketing model to revitalize the brands and meet the market demand. “ Cathy said. Meanwhile as a leading insight-based innovation firm, China Bridge is honored to be a member in Master Studios in Shanghai this year and will help Shanghai traditional old brands achieve innovative development.


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