A FEW MINUTES: Francisco Porras| Design Strategy Manager & Partner

“Sometimes, you just need to jump!”

Coming from a Mexican family of six children, Francisco knows the importance of teamwork and understands compromise between multiple stakeholders. As design strategy manager at China Bridge, he helps our clients develop strategies that translate their brand footprint into actionable plans to create a holistic consumer experience across different touch points. He also feels his Latin blood offers rhythm to the international team at China Bridge.

While still working on his degree in industrial design at the National University of Mexico, Francisco started his own company, Mythos. It started as a playground to design, manufacture and commercialize new products within the gift and home décor industries. Following this experience, he came to Asia to study at a master program in industrial design. His thesis focused on how design creates value for business and becomes a competitive advantage.

Time Flies

Together with his Chinese wife, Francisco is parent of a five-month-old son. The couple loves traveling and tries to get out of China at least once a year. Being a Dad has taught Francisco that time flies and you just need to jump, dive and appreciate every opportunity and appreciate the diversity of every opportunity. He gets energy from visual things like movies and also can be found exploring the streets of Shanghai for inspiration.

Impact and Value

Working at China Bridge gives Francisco the opportunity to have a holistic and macro view of design. The consultancy offers him the opportunity to always keep on growing and gives him the diversity that he loves. Francisco realizes the responsibility that each project brings and is passionate to work closely together with clients to create a positive impact on their business.

Growth and Struggles

Coming from a developing country like Mexico, Francisco has learned a lot from working with limited resources and people’s struggles. He believes countries like Mexico and China will transform based on the decisions they make to control their growth. He is passionate about becoming a bridge between Asia and Latin America.

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