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A Snapshot of China's Design Industry (2009): Current Status & Future Prospects

Did you know that more than half of the designers in China (52%) feel they lack sufficient knowledge about the consumers for whom they design products? Or, that merely 10% of designers are satisfied with their overall income, while working considerable overtime hours?

With the effects of the global financial crisis still impacting China's emerging market, Shanghai-based CBi ( undertook research to gain further insight into the future possibilities of China's design sector. CBi explored how design and innovation could provide solutions to elevate China's design industry. The result was a comprehensive summary and overview of the current conditions in China's design industry: A Snapshot of China's Design Industry (2009): Current Status & Future Prospects.
CBi began the report early in 2009. All contents were collected through research over a four-month period. We used questionnaires, surveys and in-depth interviews with designers across China to collect first-hand data. We asked more than 10, 000 design professionals from all areas and levels to take part, and although the study was discretionary, we took several measures to reduce bias and partiality in the chosen samples.

The report contains more than just a compilation of surveys. It defines a better, more efficient method of design practice in China’s market. The content focuses primarily on the commercial position of design, the management of design teams, required skills for designers, designers' incomes, and the working environments of China’s designers.

The report offers many benefits for China's design community, and for those who wish to better understand the factors impacting designers working in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets. It can help management teams to establish and build successful, motivated design teams. It can aid government bodies and design organizations in their policy planning, and can lead to the creation of more effective training programs for design teams.  Likewise, the report reaches out to individual design practitioners, and can help them to develop clear and suitable career paths at all career levels.

We are confident this study will promote more efficient design practice not only to design companies, but also to individual designers. Our hope in sharing this report is to further empower China’s design industry through the use of CBi’s research-based insight. The report is free and easy to download. 

Download it now for free by clicking on the following link:

A Snapshot of China's Design Industry (2009): Current Status & Future Prospects.

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