Generating enough value in China?

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The right product offering and value proposition should align with your customers needs, if they don't, they might not sell.


Should we innovate and launch new products or create a better brand experience?

A leading CPG company was facing difficult times in the China market, which is now becoming a classic reality. Despite having all the right channels brands still need to have the right products. Products resonate and provide real value to your customers. Too often, brands try to grow by expanding portfolios to fast without maximizing on their core offerings.

Our client, a world-recognized leader in such products approached China Bridge having initially entered China in 80's but had failed to achieve growth targets. Knowing China Bridge’s reputation for helping multinationals identify the unique needs and desires of local consumers, the client enlisted us to help identify gaps in their current offering, and design a new product offering that resonated with Chinese consumers.


Brands can always utilize their global platforms and products, however, the products must fit in the consumers mind and deliver value. Often we need to reshape the value proposition and features to become authentically tailored for local cultural context.


Our in-depth work ultimately provided our client with rich insights, a compelling strategic direction and practical design recommendations for increasing their market share in China.

We also were able to provide our client with design concepts based on insights gained from our research. This was the result of developing a profound and comprehensive understanding of the FMCG categories studied, and the unique attitudes of Chinese consumers relevant to these categories. 


Key insights included:

  • -the need to come up with products tailored to local users and segments, rather than transplanting products from other markets
  • -the growing power of consumers in smaller cities is disruptive and creating new segments
  • -the primary role that family health and well-being greatly impacts purchasing decisions
  • -the influence of a consumer’s social network also determining their choices

If you find yourself with a similar challenge, contact us, our leadership team would like to see how we can help bridge your next. 

Photo by Clemens v. Vogelsang / CC BY

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