How culture influences design?


Following the visit in this April, another group of 15 students from TEKO, the largest Scandinavian design business school under VIA University College based in Denmark, visited CBi China Bridge on 23rd of August. Through the visit, the students expected to gain ideas regarding the role of culture in design.

Keeping in view the students’ expectations, Natalie Mao, Research Manager at CBi China Bridge shared two typical cases with the students about how CBi had taken cultural elements in to account while providing solutions for clients. In these two cases, CBi succeeded to help clients better understand the local markets and identify the new business opportunities, thanks to its consumer insights and deep understanding of culture. The presentation helped students in realizing the influence of cultural differences on the day to day activities. More importantly, they were inspired to think about the localized or even regionalized designs inspired by cultural uniqueness from a business perspective. 

This interaction won a proactive feedback from the students and they put forward numerous questions during the Q & A session. One student was curious whether CBi China Bridge followed an American management style or a Chinese style in such an international environment. “We don’t have any boundaries in terms of country or region and thus it’s hard to simply define our management style as American one or Chinese one.” Said Vicky, head of HR at CBi China Bridge. “Actually, CBi is more like an open platform where we integrate various elements. We do have deep understanding of different cultures, but there is no cultural boundary in our team.”

CBi China Bridge is always open to various cultures and it’s indeed a pleasure to inspire and help our partners via our insights on cultures.


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