Learning one of the first indicators to identify creative problem solving style!


The KAI workshop held on July 3rd was a huge success. Participants learnt their own own creative styles through the KAI indicator. At the same time, they also got opportunities to apply KAI to enhance communication through teambuilding games.(Click here to check the photos

17th July, 2012  Tuesday 18:30 – 21:30  KAI workshop is now open for RSVP (50 Seats. Due to limited seating, reservations are mandatory)

Room 401, 359 Kangding Road (near North Shanxi Road), Jing'an District.  Refreshment and drinks will be provided on the scene

Attending KAI lectures of creativity, exclusively held by CBi China Bridge, will help you learn the your own creative style, handle human relationships, communication, resolve problems, plan your personal development program, enhance creative ability and improve teamwork efficiency.  

Founded by Dr. Michael Kirton of the UK, KAI theory is one of the first indicators to identify creative problem solving style and has been used by Top 500 companies and institutions from all over the world. It was firstly applied in NASA and government agencies. CBi is currently the only Chinese company certified to administer and analyze KAI information to help clients develop team creative systems and to deliver KAI workshops to help individuals understand and leverage their creative thinking style.  

KAI research supports the idea that everyone is creative, just in different ways, and everyone brings different value to the creative problem solving process. Adaption: Adaptors are best at making things better and are experts in understanding the current system. Innovators are best at making things different and are better when it is necessary to change the rules of the game to achieve the ideal results. Recognizing the natural born traits for creative thinking within each member of the team allows managers to utilize the inventive potential in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and multi-functional teams. In essence, the more diverse the team, the more you need KAI.

Who should attend?

Multinational companies managers, human resource directors, experts in innovative industries, R& D managers, marketing, advertising and public relation managers, engineers and product development personnel, education consultants and trainers, and innovation focused individuals


“Knowing my own innovative style help me understand my team members better.”

“I got to know the differences between Adaptive and innovative person, which refresh my understanding of innovation.”

“Understanding my own KAI identity and learn the new management theory. What I achieved is satisfying.”

“Have a good knowledge of the team could be rather helpful.”

“Know yourself from a new angle and get to know which aspects to notice.”

“Training programme is effective and practical, which is helpful.”

“The best part of KAI theory is the introduction of the differences between the style and level.”


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