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Global Sustainability Jam


…It’s amazing how much can change in the span of 48 hours. As the 4thShanghai Global Sustainability Jam wrapped up we were all impressed with the quality of people that Jammed with us over the weekend and what they were able to achieve together….

We took in a bunch of strangers from various industries, cultures and disciplines, bringing their passion, creativity, open minds and resourcefulness. We gave them guidance, tools and support, and they gave us their time and attention. Through this collaboration –- between individuals, between groups, and between organizations –- five new ideas turned into something tangible, something that has the potential of growing into something much larger.

The teams were shown how to use the Double-Diamond design process stages to help them focus their efforts:

  • Discover–iscovero help them focus their efforts:help amond desi
  • Define–efineero help them focus their efforts:help amond design process
  • Develop–evelopro help them focus their efforts:help amond design process
  • Deliver–eliver and present the story of the product or service

But ultimately, the event was about people; people working with each other to turn ideas into solutions to solve real problems; solutions for people.

Here are the five teams and their project briefs:

City Farmer

City Farmer Team came up with a way of reducing stress many contemporary men face from working long hours by instead building an agricultu ral ecosystem (City Farm) to grow plants. Guided by a mobile app, users are motivated to grow, enter contests, cook in social situations and get members of the public involved.


Pure team tried to raise awareness about the current level of urban air pollution by using a smart sensor that can be connected to a breathing mask or worn on the wrist. The device would change color depending on the level of pollution present creating a visual reminder to protect themselves and the environment.

Bare Walk

Bare Walk - Reduce stress by taking off your shoes and getting closer to nature. Raise public awareness by creating barefoot city walks on various surfaces.

Light up the Sky

Earth Hour is not just about turning off lights. The team wants to create a platform with the help of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). It’s a new business model, in which companies are cooperating with schools. Students are free to share their ideas on the event and companies can provide recourses to carry out the plan that they think are good. This a new way to illuminate the sky of young people.

Power Park

People's Choice Award Winner!

Power Park group designed a fun, engaging and environmentally friendly park exhibition to help educate people about current sustainability issues and possible solutions. Park-goers would be entertained by lights and music generated by solar panels and stationary bicycles and could even charge their mobile devices.



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