Top 10 Keyword of China Bridge in 2012

Based in China, with a global view and a decade of supporting our clients and partners with design driven innovation through insight, growing with the market and bridging the future.


Pioneer-Leading the Creative Industry

2012 witnessed the first ever Women to Watch landing in China, dedicated to the working woman who helps build brands in China. Cathy Huang, Founder and President at CBi China Bridge, was one of 14 honorees in 2012 because of her leading position in establishing an innovative design consultancy and building a unique understanding of the China market. Established in 1997, the Women to Watch award has honored over 150 female professionals in the advertising, marketing and media industries.

Touch Points-China Bridge Invests more into UX/UI

The consumer journey does not start or stop with physical products. In recent years, many of our clients have increasing requests for our continued support across a broader range of the customer journey and experience. Due to this demand, we are increasing our ability to support innovation and development for new services, digital and environmental experience design, new media and digital communications.

Leadership-Sparking Competitiveness

With the state of the global economy and the constant evolution industry, how can medium to small size design companies build their niche? We believe people and leadership will always be the key! At CBi China Bridges, Cathy Huang, Founder and President, was invited as one of the keynote speakers for the ASPIRE leadership program, to share her insights and ideas on leadership with the top-notch design leaders in Belgium. Ms. Huang was selected because of her pioneering experience in establishing and operating an innovation consultancy in one of the most competitive and fast growth markets–China.

Services-Hidden Treasure

In the spring of 2012, Shanghai was part of the world's largest non-profit innovation for service design, Global Service Jam, and was hosted by and held at CBi China Bridge. Exhausting, exhilarating and inspirational. Those were some of the feelings expressed by the 36 participants in the Shanghai leg of the Global Service Jam, having spent 48 hours in a whirlwind of creativity, riffing on a theme to come up with brand new services from scratch that could changed the world as we know it.

(The 2013 Global Service Design Jam is just around the corner – get involved.)

Cooperation-Connecting with China through Innovation

Dublin was designated World Design Capital 2011, gaining focus from the government on design and innovation industries. On invitation from PIVOT and the Royal Institute of the Architects in Ireland, CBi China Bridge's Founder and President, Cathy Huang, was invited to Ireland to meet with government officials, entrepreneurs, designers and professors for the event "Connecting with China". As the keynote speaker, Ms. Huang built a bridge for co-operation and exchange between Ireland's and China's design and creative industries.


Healthcare-Co-Creating to Build an Innovation Pipeline

During the past five years, CBi China Bridge has been developing and facilitating co-creation and design thinking workshops that bring together opinion leaders, internal experts, clients and stakeholders. Today, we are creating significant impact within the Medical and Healthcare Industry. Customized workshops allow us an inside view of the customer and user journey to develop the right mix of modules – building usage scenarios, user personas, and pain point mapping. Flushing out key opportunity areas, pain points and unmet needs are the starting points for innovation pipeline.

Relevance-Executive Office Furniture Going Local

Today, the reality is, it is becoming harder to sell products and services based only on brand. – a shift we are seeing across industries, is customers are increasingly wanting and expecting more products and services to be fit for them. This shift is driving a need for a different approach to product development. For Executive Office furniture, we found that products really needed to be "ChinaFit" as the perceptions, values, needs and usage requirements are all very connected to decision making. Successfully combining your brand values and the end user experience will be a key success factor for your business in China.

Impact-China Healthcare and Social Enterprise Innovation

In 2012 CBi China Bridge was honored to support Vision In Practice, a transformative eye care consultancy that works to eliminate avoidable blindness. In a prototyped hospital in rural Shandong, VIP spent the first six months running their new business model; uncovering critical barriers that would hold them back from creating a sustainable business model to create real and positive impact. Conversion rates, from screen patients to served patients, was too low. The elderly, who make up a majority of their base customer, had a very low acceptance rate. CBi China Bridge was asked to evaluate this issue and to innovate a better way to solve the problem.

Keep Moving-Standing Still = Slow Death

As China has become the battlefield for cosmetic brands and many other FMCG products, CBi China Bridge is increasingly asked to help brands ensure their customers are experiencing their products and services in the ways intended. In recent years, we have watched a trend where brands are moving away from fighting a supply chain and distribution war to creating sustainable and long term loyal consumers. Delivering value, being relevant and truthful, as opposed to employing overly dramatic marketing activities full of hype and luster.

Experience-Action upon Understanding

Sun Tzu once said in The Art of War, "If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous battles without jeopardy." When General Motors, the multinational automotive giant, wanted to enter the China luxury market, their crucial task was to understand this complex market thoroughly. By combining our knowledge and past experience in the automotive sector and engaging experts, influential industry leaders, trend-setters in fashion, arts and high-end luxury and services, CBi China Bridge sketched out a road map and guidance for success in tailored comprehensive and constructive in-depth report.


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