2012 UPA Conference Invites Workshop Keynote Speakers “Insights based UX design”

The consumer is the ultimate judge of every new product/service offering - and yet the consumer is often absent from the development process of new user experiences. China Bridge, exposed their research driven UX approaches to 800 participants from 20+ industries for 2012 UPA Conference.

UX Experience Director Daniela Mao has shared the translation of user insights into design solutions based on concepts of design research. She also presented design thinking’s and research methodology’s roles in innovation, pushing the envelope of research and innovation abilities by introducing design research tools.

Through case studies, participants have experienced firsthand the importance of design research in UX design by teaming up and exercise the use of design research tools and methods, sparking new concepts on apps.

This year’s annual conference has attracted 800 participants from the telecommunication, financial, internet and household electronics, automotive sectors amongst more than twenty industries.


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