25 China's Most Successful Designs

2008 China's Most Successful Design Award, organized by FORTUNE China Magazine and China Bridge International, is now officially released. This year we selected 25 "China's Most Successful Designs" published on the November Issue of FORTUNE China Magazine and 25 "WINNER SELECTIONS" released on the website of FORTUNE China Magazine and CBI.
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Audi A5
FAW – Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd

Audi A5 reinvented the Coupe. It is the perfect embodiment of new technologies, new style and new ideas. Audi A5 plays with the proportions of classic coupes. The face of Audi A5 is full of personality, whilst the flat roof and elegant line convey a sporty elegance.     
Comfort domestic circulator pump
Grundfos pumps (Shanghai) Co,. Ltd
Time controller and temperature controller internally installed, ensure the hot water comes out with any temperature at anytime you want. Comfort intelligent domestic circulator pump products arose great response as soon as it was launched. At present, Comfort is still the only one pump production that used for ensuring the instant hot water
Design Space
Electrolux (China) Home Appliances Co., Ltd.
The design of "Design Space" gives expression to its concept as well as to the philosophy of Electrolux: design leader, innovation, sense of technology, sense of lifestyle, sense of culture. This sculpture closes the "Design Space" leaving it at the time transparent.
Size China
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The world' s first database storing 3D head and face measurements of ethnic Chinese has come into use, after 18 months of dedicated efforts by pioneering researchers of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University' s School of Design
Samsung 70" LED LCD screen TV
The 70" LED LCD screen TV which Samsung launched out is the largest commercial 70" LED LCD screen TV in the world. It's aimed at Asia market, especially Chinese market and was well designed. The traditional Chinese color and the oriental aesthetic elements widely used in design concept. It appears that it similar to a small theater screen and bring the effect of professional theater and enjoyment to consumers.
Olympics combination
Zhongshan Vatti Gas Appliance Stock Co.,Ltd
The XCE Olympic Edition is an exclusive product celebrating the 2008 Olympic Games. The products feature a graphic element that will remind the owner of the Olympics in a subtle and harmonious way. All three products, Hood, Cooker, Sterilizer are designed with the same spirit to making it a nice center piece in the kitchen.
Castle Freestanding System Furniture
AURORA Furniture Co., Ltd. Shanghai
Castle, the new freestanding system of Aurora, is using the simple element to extend the all freestanding system. It presents the product style and diversity. The original design concept is from the "CASTLE", an historical element. It combines the modern furniture design concept and transforms the castle element to form the unique product style of castle.
Ford Fiesta
Ford Motor Company, Asia Pacific and Africa
The all-new Ford Fiesta is the next generation of Ford Motor Company' s global small car that will be built (Nanjing) and launched to China market. The Fiesta has been designed and engineered as a global vehicle; however, Ford has conducted in-market customer research specific to China and Asia to tailor the Fiesta to local tastes.
Gamma radiation therapy system
Shenzhen ND Industrial Design Co., Ltd
This product takes a balance between cost and technology, combines industrial design and PI of GammaStar Medical Group together and uses a concept of Sun. The interaction within the equipment improves the diagnosis efficiency dramatically. The color yellow could arise desire of life.
Wireless Human-interface of Elevator
Xizi Otis Elevator Co., Ltd
WIFI technique is used in this system. Both consumers' mobile phone and elevator' s control system are connected to the net(Local area net or internet). The elevator control system can confirm passengers' ID through, and then make sure the passengers may reach which floor. The passenger may call elevator in advance through his or her mobile phone, so he or she may minimize the waiting time.
PANORAMA International Ltd  
DJS is a new jewellery label launched by Chinese Arts & Crafts (HK) Ltd. selling diamond & jade.  It is a total branding exercise to offer new retail experience of a jewellery store targeted at middle class customer group in the local competitive market.
JOYOUNG Soymilk Maker  JYDZ-29  "LEMON"
TOOUT(HangZhou) Industrial Design Co.,Ltd
JYDZ-29- 'Lemon' soymilk maker changes its traditional simple and reversed image into a combination of bright color, stylish appearance and easy operation. It has become the first choice for a modern nuclear family to buy a soymilk maker.
One Touch™ Automatic Jar Opener
One Touch Products Limited
One Touch TM Automatic Jar Opener, is the world' s first fully automatic 'hands free' Jar Opener. There is no need for strength and grip, simply place the Jar Opener on a jar, press the start button and in a few seconds the lid is loose. The opener resets itself, ready for another jar.
Touch Diamond
dopod Communication Co. Ltd
The dopod Touch Diamond provides the most sophisticated mobile Internet experience on the planet. The dopod Touch Diamond blends the coolest 3D touch experience, with the most advanced hardware, software and broadband Internet connectivity available.
Kinesis Personal takes the gold! Designed by Antonio Citterio, the world's first design-lead home fitness equipment is taken into a new dimension. More luxurious than ever, Kinesis Personal is now available in a luminous gold limited edition version manufactured using a gold leaf technique inspired by ancient Florentine craftsmanship.
Eee Box Bamboo
ASUSTek Computer Inc.
The Eee Box is a new interpretation of the desktop computer; shrinking its volume to a minimum while giving the product new possibilities in the home environment. The product is designed to be simple and calming to the eye. The Eee Box is the smallest desktop computer in the world, allowing it to be situated anywhere in the home while being exceptionally easy to use.
Bosch Royal Black Series
Jiangsu BS Home Appliances Sales Co., Ltd.
In the trend of European "Live-in Kitchen", home appliances have become an important part of the whole interior design. The Bosch Royal Black series is a full range of home appliances developed for China market. The developing process was conducted synchronously with which in Europe.         
New China International Exhibition Center (New CIEC) TVS
The New China International Exhibition Center (New CIEC) encompasses a mixed-use development as well as the country's premier exhibition complex. In keeping with Beijing's vision of livable work environments and significant green space development, the plan links the site to the nearby Wen Yu River and the proposed green belt that runs along its length.
Philips Mobile phone X500
Philips Design Hong Kong Limited
A breakthrough in long battery life – up to 2 months standby time, up to 16 hours talk time and up to 40 hours music playback. The freedom to use the phone as much as desired without compromising on features. Peace of mind that the phone can perform as expected.  The NAV key uses a new technological process.
Optical Transponder
Optical Transponder is a photoelectricity signal translation module in optical fiber telecommunication equipment, which shows the powerful performance and special technology by its professional and high quality appearance.
Motorola (China) Technologies Ltd.
The ROKR E8 delivers a smooth transition and transforms your device from phone, to MP3 player, to imaging with just one simple touch. The ROKR E8 set out to establish an uncompromised consumer experience for music and talk. With a simple touch the device presents users only with the controls they need at the time they need them through the use of innovative morphing controls.
SHAQ Game-shoes
The basic design principle of Flying Wings is to use the simplest design to give the maximum essential function in basketball games Flying Wings now present you an option for better protection of ankles. There are no fussy details on the vamp and a 3-dimension effluence TPU structure is designed to surround the ankle area to provide heel more stability and support.
Roewe 550
Shanghai Motor Technical Center
Roewe 550 is a new A+ class sedan developed by SAIC, combining leading-edge design and advanced technology, focusing on consumers through digital implementation, and striving to create a new milestone in China's automobile industry.
Karbon™ Articulating Faucet
Kohler China Investment CO.,LTD
The concept for this design was developed in part from looking at the performance of task lighting. A key requirement for this faucet was to develop a product that not only delivered unparalleled functional performance but also retained a level of aesthetic appeal in whatever form the faucet is positioned in. 
The Kobold-Movement Collection of Bags is the first collection of "Movement" items (Standing for luggage on the move) That Kobold will enter into the accessory market worldwide. The Kobold Satchel and Laptop Family Bags have been logically designed with simple form yet a strong presence of style.
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