48-hour’s Gambling

2015 Global Service Jam

48-hour’s Gambling

In February 2015, the Global Service Jam landed in Shanghai. As the co-organizer China Bridge launched the global service design event “48-hour’s Gambling,” a new way to create a perfect storm in service design.


At the very beginning of the Jam, leaders in design industries and entrepreneurs shared their thoughts with the jammers as inspiration.

In this session, the jammers learned from founder of Xinchejian David Li the new way of starting a company as “maker” and a brand new business model in the innovation and reform of smart hardware service.

The founder of Yongze Peng showed us how to bridge design of service and product and how to revolutionize the traditional subdivided industry, especially in an innovative way to run O2O model.

Based on the theme of ‘Local Wisdom with Global Vision’, the vice president of CBi China Bridge Angela Li—a leading company in innovation—shared approaches and cases of service design, and how to interpret the application of design thinking in business.

Lingu Zhou, COO of Feimalv gave an impressive speech on ’strategy design for start-ups’, stimulating thoughts on the achievements brought by combining innovative and disruptive service design and business.

The founder of “Refuture” Rob Han and the founder of Vertidad Studio Eva Hsu shared their personal experiences on the great impact of 48-hour co-creation. Rob Han started his own company based on the outcome of 2013 Global Service Jam.

48-hour Workshop

Jammers were required to make a world-changing design within 48 hours according to this year’s theme in the following picture. Each team idea would receive comments and advice from the jurors.


Upon learning the theme, 5 teams of Jammers started stimulating brain storming. To understand real user needs, teams went onto the street to communicate with people. During the whole process, mentors answered teams’ questions and gave theme guidance.


After 48 exciting hours, each team presented their impressive achievements:

Team 1——“Decision making Helper”  “The Most Expressive Team Prize”

This team associated the theme with a childhood game related to selection, and in term thought of those who have hard time making decisions to choose. They designed an app that can help people make a choice with an aesthetic view by analyzing big data and conducting personal consultation, allowing people to make sophisticated decisions.

Team 2——x Miracle Wish list  “Aladdin’s Lamp Prize”

Dream is in your hand wherever you are. Team 2 help realized people’s dream through their Wish List app. They designed a service chain that connects their wish and reality. They would look for the vendor according to their personalized needs and finish the task for them.

Team 3——C60 Platform for females’ stereoscopic life  “Most Positive Prize”

Turning flat life (a piece of paper) into a stereoscopic and rich life (folded paper) by building a platform for women that connects lifestyle coaches and users, enabling them to communicate and trade, empowering men.

Team 4——“Old Wizard”  “Best Presenter Prize”

Seeing the four corners of the paper connected, they thought of connection, a human centered connection. There are 130 million old people in China and, according to research, many of them have certain superb skills. Through the ’Old Wizard’app, the skills of those “old star” are able to be spread, thus social endowment cause can get reasonable attention and meanwhile folk culture can be carried on.

Team 5——1+N Positive Energy   “Best Business Prize”

A wish with N connection—This team designed an O2O social platform that connects people from all over the world. Isolated strangers that seems least possible to be connected become old kind friend with meaningful relationships.


President of CBi ChinaBridge, co-founder of Successful Design, Cathy Huang

Co-founder of Frimalv, Zhenyu Yang

Vice-president of CBi ChinaBridge, Angela Li

Senior trainer of CCL,Creative Leadership Center, Zhongwei Yang

Founder of Blossom Hill Inn, Bei Zhang

President of TAYOHYA, Shuzhen Pan

well-known public affairs specialist, specialty trainer of international attestation, Ruifang Cheng

Director of strategic studies, Vcanland Endowment Investment Group, Shixin Chen

All the ideas from different groups have received recognition from jury. The jury gave advice and comments accordingly. 48 hours is just a beginning—Guided by the jury’s advice, the teams were exploring how to carry out those ideas after the 48 hours.

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