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Global Service Jam 2014 - Shanghai, China

What is Global Service Jam?
Global Service Jam is the world's largest globally organized, simultaneous, cross-continental, 48-hour innovation event. Participants with diverse expertise will team up to co-create, combine ideas and share tangible solutions for service and social improvements in a dynamic environment. During the event, all participants will take part in communication across different cities around the globe.
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How to join?
The jam is a non-profit event. It is free. Hurry up as places are limited!
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Be a Jammer: Anyone who has an open mind and wants to practice a hands-on approach to creativity and problem solving, make sure you are available to join ALL 3 days to ensure seamless collaboration and team dynamic. Jam is a great place to learn new skills, challenge yourself and meet great people while having fun. Your designs and projects have the potential to create a real impact on a more sustainable future.

Be an Observer: If you can’t commit to all 3 days, you are also welcome to observe the jam on the Friday opening session and final sharing session on Sunday afternoon. 
When: 15:00-18:30 on Friday, March 7th, and Sunday, March 9th

Be A Spark: Helping to get the juices flowing, be inspiring and share you knowledge about Service Design, New Business Model Generation, Social Entrepreneurship, etc...
When: 15:00-18:30 on Friday, March 7th

Be A Mentor: Spending time with the jammers to help guide their directions, brainstorm, plan and prototyping.
When: 9:00-21:30 on Saturday, March 8th

Be A Juror: Providing feedback on practicability, feasibility and potential scale for what the jammers have created.
When:15:00-18:00 on Sunday, March 9th

When and Where?
TIME:  15:00-22:00 March 7th and 15:00-18:00 March 9th

CBi China Bridge Office; 
359 Kangding Rd, 4F, Jingan District/ near Shanxi Bei Rd

9:00-21:30 March 8th and 9:00-14:30 March 9th

1228 Beijing West Road

Who is hosting?
CBi China Bridge, an insight-based innovation firm, wants to promote sustainability design in China, and introduce people to a design-based approach to creativity and problem solving though this exciting event.  China Bridge's role will be to provide a public platform for creative minds in Shanghai’s professional community and connect with the world.

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