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Global Service Jam 2013 - Shanghai, China

"The Jam is amazing, we can learn to think from other people's perspective."
Verky Yi - Jammer
The Global Service Jam 2013 – Shanghai was the largest event we have hosted so far: six energetic teams of 50 jammers in Shanghai turned their sparks of ideas into infectious flames of brand new real-world concepts on Service Design in 48 hours from March 1st-3rd at the organizer CBi China Bridge’s spacious studio. 
This year’s inspirational jam theme is grow^.
With the generous support, goods and services from our sponsors 3M, Twinings, Sumerian Coffee Roasters and IBM SmartCamp, the Shanghai  Service Jam is part of the world’s biggest, non-profit innovation event. Jammers seeking like-minded people form teams to create brand-new real-world designs, projects and initiatives that will impact human experiences. From being complete strangers, jammers formed bonds and developed camaraderie through this incredibly intense weekend which may carry them into new directions. 
The 2013 Jam saw 3000 jammers in 120+ cities cranking out 500 new Service Design models. Shanghai jammers from a great diversity of professional backgrounds grew their ideas into concrete concepts with business models, and presented them to leading thinkers during and after the jam. Inspiring and guiding discussions on innovative service design were generated by super dedicated, think-out-of-the-box opening speakers, mentors and jurors from academia, design and investment industries and entrepreneur community. 
Our fun prizes included:
“Newton’s Apple : ouch….aha! “ for team Breakthrough
“Your JAM is so sticky, everyone’s gonna love it” for team Honest Food
“Open for Business - quit your job and just do it” for team Transformers
“Absolutely Practical and Totally Amazing!” for team Stimulife
“Why didn’t I think about that?!?!” for team SEEDs
“Our Superhero – up,up and AWAY! Grand Prize” for team SportsNet
The Grand Prize will be provided by Dad Asia Seed Capital for free consultancy to develop their winning team’s idea into a viable business model.
All global results are posted on the global organizer’s website. Take a look atour photo stream to experience the fun and feverish atmosphere.

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