CBi China Bridge lectures at the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University

With reputable and frequent speeches at public forums, seminars and lectures at prestigious universities, the Founder and President of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang, was invited to share her insight and knowledge of Design Management in a Master Class Seminar at the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University. 
Other lecturers included Zhou Haoming,  Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the university, Zhang Bei, the Founder and Design Director of Blossom Hill boutique hotel, and the prestigious painter, Bu Nong. Students of this special seminar series are Presidents of design companies, and Design Directors and Chief Engineers from various industries with rich experiences in team leadership. 
In interactions post-seminar, a Chief Engineer said, this speech not only enlightened his concepts of company management, in addition to benefitting  his construction team in specific. A Design Director confirmed the unconventional lecture format enabled him a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the knowledge system of Design Management. 
Cathy applied interactive classroom formats in this seminar. In contrast to China's traditional frontal classroom formats with emphasis on rote learning,  Cathy finds facilitating interaction and self-initiated group discussions far more effective in the search for Design Management solutions. The cross-disciplinary communication  enabled students from more than 10 cities with various practical experiences in diverse industries to gain an eye-opening perspective.


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