CBi China Bridge shared Co-creation Knowledge at Innovation event - Designing Shanghai 2013

Designers, entrepreneurs and consultants with wide-ranging backgrounds joined Design Shanghai 2013 on July 6th under the theme 'Designing for Disaster'. VP and UX director of CBi China Bridge, Bjorn van der Veen and Daniela Mao, were key-note speakers, sharing the company's long-standing expertise and reputation for emphasizing user-experience in design.

Complimenting other speakers' case study presentations, CBi's team shared co-creation insights and methodologies with participants from differing industries, and thus inspired impressive seed ideas through close mentoring and professional analysis.

"Designing for Disaster" is a perfect representation of co-creation's innovative potential. CBi is glad to share its expertise and professional skills on this impactful platform and in facilitating passionate participants to design, innovate and generate brilliant ideas by drawing from the power of co-creation.


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