CBi China Bridge was invited to speak at Materialise’s MGX exhibition opening ceremony


Materialise, one of the global leading companies specializing in rapid prototyping technology, is excited to announce that an extensive selection of award-winning MGX pieces are on display in China. MGX by Materialise is a new department striving to integrate advanced technology with digital art. MGX exhibition’s theme is “Industrial Revolution MGX: Inaugurating a New Era of Product Design”. The founder and president of CBi China Bridge, Cathy Huang, was invited to speak at the opening ceremony.

The MGX exhibition is displayed in Shanghai’s 1933 Building. The exhibition, which will last a period of 6 months, was created in response to the increasing interest in MGX products in Asia, and will be the largest display of MGX pieces ever shown in the region. The exhibition focuses on influential 3D creations, particularly pieces known for their power to inspire.

According to Cathy Huang, Materialise has an epoch-making contribution to the creative industry. We are glad that they choose to advance their business in the Chinese market, which will help promote the Chinese design industry.

Materialise’s Executive Vice-President, Wim Michiels, and China’s General Manager, Kim Francois, also made a speech at the opening ceremony. They said, the Chinese market is full of business opportunities, and that Materialise is actively developing their businesses in China.


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