CBi a class act at User Friendly 2010 conference


CBi was invited to give a workshop to international design professionals at the User Friendly 2010, Embracing Asian Culture conference in Nanjing in November.

Featuring luminaries from the world of design, including user experience guru Donald Norman, Microsoft principal researcher Bill Puxton, and LG Electronics executive vice president of design Prof. Kunpyo Lee, the conference attracted high-level design practitioners looking to learn more about how to connect with Asian culture and gain a deep understanding that will inform their work.

As a leading expert in the field, CBi founder Cathy Huang was asked to lead a workshop, which challenged participants' initial assumptions about what it might take to make a design successful in the China market.

Feedback to the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. By highlighting both the similarities and differences in consumer concepts and illustrating how a success in the west will not necessarily translate into a similar triumph in China, the workshop gave participants a valuable lesson in how to align their thinking with the most important people in the design process: the end users.
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