CBi gives stellar performance at Sustainability Space Day


A galactic perspective on design innovation was called for at the Sustainability Space Day held in the Sweden Pavilion at the World Expo on October 10, so who better to invite than CBi?

The event, organized by Down to Earth and supported by the European Space Agency and other partners, aimed to look at how technology designed for the exploration of the cosmos can be harnessed for use down here on Earth, with a particular focus on sustainable solutions.

CBi founder Cathy Huang was invited to speak at the event, where she gave her take on how the design research practices expounded by CBi can be used to identify the needs and desire of consumers, which can then be used to inform how cutting-edge technologies can best be applied.

Cathy also looked at how services, materials and training as well as products can be informed by what has been learned from humanity's quest to explore beyond the atmosphere.

The Down to Earth project uses technologies, concepts and ideas developed for applications in space as inspiration for innovation in product development and business development for organizations in different industries.

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