CBI is invited to give lecture for Shanghai Jiao Tong University

October 27th,2009, Leo Liu, design strategy director of CBI was invited by Shanghai Jiao Tong University to give a lecture on the subject of  "Design Innovation Process" for School of Media and Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Willing to contribute to the community,CBI shared its 7 year's experience on innovation design consulting and management with social educational resources like institutions, and hope to promote the development of innovation design education in China and close the distance from international standards.
Leo shared innovation design theory and process with the students and teachers in the lecture, while explaining the theory, he also gave some vivid case studies which well visualized innovation.
The lecture achieved an active response among the students and teachers. They thought the content itself was very innovative as well as inspirational. They had a heated discussion with Leo after the lecture.
Comment from the attendee:
"Dear Teacher Liu, I'm a junior student major in industry design. Your lecture is very important for us......This field is very attractive. We are full of enthusiasm when doing the project......Your lecture is quite ingenious, clear research idea, visual and novel charts......"

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