Design Director of Hong Kong Design Centre Visits CBI


Amy Chow, Design Director & Education Consultant of Hong Kong Design Centre visited CBI on September 4th, 2009.

CBI and Hong Kong Design Centre had a deep conversation on shared topics.Cathy Huang, President of CBI, shared CBI's experiences and thoughts on China's design industry. Amy Chow was impressed by the projects and events CBI completed and extended her congratulations to CBI's achievements in recent years. She said Hong Kong Design Centre was concerned about 2010 Shanghai Expo and wished to have further cooperation with CBI.

Hong Kong Design Centre was established in 2001. The founding members of the Federation, including Hong Kong Designers Association, Interior Design Association Hong Kong, Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, and the Chartered Society of Designers. The Hong Kong Design Centre was and is the only organization in Hong Kong dedicated to encouraging, inspiring, supporting, and facilitating the best use of design as an instrument for the sustainable competitiveness, economic prosperity and overall well-being of society.




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