Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival at CBi China Bridge


On June 5, 2019, we had a DIY workshop in our office in celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival. We all made scented satchels in a variety of designs. The most popular designs that were made are owls, and gourds. As you can see here we have people of different demographics all working together to make their scented satchels. 


The most popular designs amongst our team were owls, pigs, and gourds! 



Our company likes to embrace the Chinese culture, so other than the Dragon Boat Festival workshop; we will also have other events during other holidays. For example on Chinese New Year, our company will have an event we will have music playing, different traditional foods, and performances in celebration of this holiday. During our company anniversary, we also like to invite many of our friends and partners to come celebrate with us. Other than holiday celebrations, we also have more conventional events such as Shanghai Designer Night. For Shanghai Designer Night, we invite different designers to give some insight on their perspective of design. Our company culture is one that is very cordial and welcoming. Many of us like to bring food from our own cities, or bring back snacks from business trips to share with the entire office. Our office is very open and allows for a creative thinking space. As you can see even at the entrance of our restrooms, we have coloring books to be used so your wait will be less boring.


Every year on the fifth day of the fifth month on the lunar calendar comes the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节duān wǔ jié).  It is a traditional Chinese holiday in honor of a poet, Qu Yuan. On this day, the people who admired and respected him, paddled out in their boats to look for his body in the river, they also threw rice wrapped in bamboo leaves (粽子 – zòng zi) to feed the fish. This way, the fish would eat the rice instead of Qu Yuan’s body. It became a tradition for people to eat zong zi on the fifth day of the fifth month as a way of paying their respects to the poet.